People Transformation and Organizational Development are long-term activities, like a marathon or Iron Man in sports. I’m great for the long distance, as I have a lot of stamina and endurance. I do not give up.

In sports, this is for me as a horse person endurance riding. This is on many levels a great example for the endurance required for people transformation.

In Germany, the local endurance association is organizing a 1.200km competition in 2024 – from the alps edge to the sea shore – within 25 days. 60 horses and their riders start in Pfronten in August 2024, and I will be among them with my Lailaa bint Nurashaan: #mychallenge55.

I will turn 55 right before the start and this is my challenging goal to foster my endurance – literally.

To support the organization team, I’m also a sponsor for the event.