Motivational presentations, coaching, workshops, webinars – covering ways to make your transformation journey a success.

We experienced “an outstanding collaboration with many impulses and Dagmar’s help to develop the transformation without having a master plan from the beginning. It is especially fascinating how Dagmar gets into the respective situations, processes and moments and confidently suggests the next steps and thus keeps the ship on a safe course.”

Ute Messmer, Vice President at Siemens Energy for Controls (Omnivise T3000)

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Inspiring and motivational presentations – online or in person

Are your teams contemplating new ways of collaborating? Or facing a large-scale internal reorganization? Either way, it’s all about transformation.

Often all it takes is a single spark or an outside perspective to get really moving. And that’s what my presentations offer.

  • The Art of Adaptive Organizations

An all-inclusive overview of the challenges of changing markets and what to do in response – including how to reinvigorate your corporate culture.

  • Leading Transformation – Leadership Transformed

Thinking about how you can shape and define your role as a manager to encourage adaptability in your organization and among your employees. Learn how to get your people to work together in ways that are more adaptable and agile, whether in person or virtually.

  • moving moments – Encouraging People Transformation in Turbulent Times

Hear how large and diverse groups of employees learned to effectively collaborate, globally and virtually, on the basis of personal organization and agile principles. For many of them, a succession of “moving moments” led to a change in outlook, yielding impressive results.

Customized to your needs

Just what kind of change do you want to spark? For whom? We’ll talk in advance to work out exactly what’s required. I offer tailored presentations designed to meet your specific needs and goals.

Sometimes questions crop up later. A follow -up discussion session happening a few weeks after the presentation is a very useful way to handle these. Like the presentation itself, it can be in-person or virtual.

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Joseph Dodd

“Dagmar helped us to break through our internal barriers and have an open dialogue to prepare ourselves for the future challenges of our business. The team is motivated to make a difference and committed to work together on this transformation journey.”

Joseph Dodd, Vice President at Siemens Energy Service Company Ltd.

Team coaching for executives and transformation leaders

It’s all about you!

Markets are changing profoundly, and what previously worked well is no longer sufficient in this volatile and uncertain new world. Organizations need to adapt fast and revamp their ways of working to remain competitive.

But how can you change internal structures while simultaneously ensuring the day-to-day continuity of your business? What’s the best way to confront these never-ending challenges?

Let’s take a transformational journey together

I’ll be at your side to help you and your employees navigate through a successful transformation. Rest assured, you already have everything you need to complete the process. Like a true coach, I provide the encouragement and guidance you need to help attain your goals. Together we create a safe space where you can explore and prototype new approaches for overcoming your challenges. This is a place where you can think and experiment undisturbed, rediscover the pleasure of working together, and find the energy you need to complete the transformation ahead.

Trainings, webinars, workshops

In a period of disruption and change, it’s helpful to take a step back and look at the situation from a different angle. Are you still on the right track? Are you stuck? Where might you need a course correction or a little extra boost?

The right solution for you and your team

Whether it be through individual/group trainings, webinars, or workshops, you’ll experience the moments that will help you adjust your behavior, your ways of working, and your corporate culture to steer your company safely, sustainably, and successfully through these times of exceptional change.

When we first meet, we’ll work out the right format and location for you and your team’s event. In-house at your site, at my own creative space near Nuremberg, online or in person – whatever you like.

Reach out and share the challenges you’re facing – I can help.

Jonathan Sickert

“What impresses and inspires me the most about Dagmar is her level of empathy and tranquility combined with a rich and deep knowledge on how to develop an adaptive organizational orientation. Dagmar is very skilled in developing the change narrative, asking reflective questions to engage a diverse community of people who want to shape the transformation, and create a stage or place where deeper contemplation on what is needed can be evaluated by self-organized teams.”

Jonathan Sickert, Workforce Management Transformation Manager, Siemens

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