AOAO Portfolio in a nutshell (PDF)

Inspirational Speaker and Author

A safe stage to explore new ideas:
Dagmar loves to research new ideas and integrate all into a comprehensive whole, providing a “map” for orientation. She provides insights thru books, videos, blogs and inspiring Key Note presentations.

Dagmar also loves to share her experiences in an open dialogue with Executives considering a new approach, who are not yet sure how to get started, or who got stuck with their teams experiments in self organization and want to help that process along.

Topics for inspirational presentations and open dialogue include:

  • The Art of Adaptive Organizations
    based on thorough research of the exponential changes in the marketplace and Dagmar’s PhD thesis, it provides a holistic picture of what you face and the influencing factors you can control (on the people side)
  • Leading Transformation – Leadership transformed
    based on book contributions and experiences on behaviors and strategies to lead People Transformation as well as how Leadership needs to transform if your organization gets more and more adaptive and virtual.
  • moving moments – staging self-organized People Transformation
    in turbulent times
    based on a host of experiences how to engage a large workforce based on self organizing principles and global virtual collaboration

Each contribution will be discussed beforehand to understand your needs and the results you want to create by bringing it to your people, and then shaped according to your needs. We prefer to stay available for the participants to ask questions after the presentation, be it in person or virtual.
A proven good practice is to arrange for a Q&A a couple weeks after the presentation, which is included in the presentation package.

Executive and Leadership Team Coach

A safe stage to experience new work elements and co-create the stages for the organization to transform:
Dagmar has a track record of supporting Executives and Leadership teams to develop their own transformation route through their business challenges as a consultant and coach. In fast changing environments, you need to be part of the transformation – you need to learn how to lead what your team is co-creating.

Dagmar brings two decades of experience to the table how you as Executive or Leadership team can create the safe space for your internal people to shape their approaches and engage your workforce in the transformation journey.

Organizational Development Expert and Trainer

A safe stage to reflect, experiment and learn on:
Dagmar offers a safe setting for people to reflect, learn and emerge with a new understanding and energy to transform, in form of in person or virtual training.

Formats include

  • Team Coaching for your Transformation team
  • “Pick my brain for professionals” coaching – an ask-me-anything format,
  • research and storytelling based webinars, or
  • deep dive reflection formats such as “48 hour CxO Retreat” (in person only), if you are so busy that you forgot why you love your business and role.

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