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Dagmar always migrated towards roles that included unraveling highly complex situations with many people involved, driving sustainable solutions through the people and not for them. It is the often quoted role of a catalyst, creating stages for others to perform and excel on. Dagmar can be found on the stages if required, but more often I’m working and supporting in the background – because my heroes are the people actually doing the hard work of innovating, bringing new ideas into value creation and delivering to the customers satisfaction.

The Art of Adaptive Organizations emerged from 30 years of professional experience in diverse responsible transformation roles in large global corporations, mostly in innovative arenas including Digitalization, combined with thorough research and a doctorate about the trends, development and working approaches to meet the people challenges of exponential change in the age of Digitalization.

Successful transformation is a series of moving moments.
It behaves differently from a planned project. While professional project management clearly supports a successful transformation, thinking in the metaphor of a theater play, where a story line unfolds with people on the stage, behind the stage and in the audience is much better suited to navigate through complex transformation.
Each act on the stage can create one or more moving moments – a moment where an insight or experience shifts the view and understanding, the paradigm or perspective of an individual or team. Each moment has the potential to allow you to create an new path. You are only one decision –  and a whole lot of discipline – away from transforming yourself and your business.

A series of these moving moments result in a great transformation and the culture you need for the business challenges you face.

Get in touch and we can discuss your personal situation and/or the challenges of your business. Let’s find, design and provide the stages you and your team need to experience the moments that can move you to transform how you do business for a sustainable future facing exponential changes.

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