Adapt: keep on top of your game in a fast-changing world!

The world is changing faster, disruptions can affect every citizen and business across the world with little or no advance warning. This can be a risk as well as an opportunity for your business. At the core, the question is:

How can we adapt fast enough to come out stronger?

moving moments occur when people find a psychologically safe stage to reflect and experiment on. A series of moving moments creates the Transformation you need.

Tap into your and your team’s co-creative potential!

The Art of Adaptive Organizations provides these safe stages and inspires a series of moving moments, which help you and your team to balance securing today’s business success with preparing for tomorrows challenges – before your transformation energy walks out the door!

Get your energy and fun with your team and organization back and develop the adaptability necessary for your business in this market right now!

Trust and enjoy your Co-Creative Power!

Create moving moments for everyone involved.

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AOAO Portfolio in a nutshell (PDF)

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Welcome to The Art of Adaptive Organizations!

We focus on People Transformation in business organizations around the globe. We love to support Executives and Leaders with their teams and organization to find successful answers for their business to the exponential changes in the digital age.

The world sees continuously increasing speed of change, thus organizations need to transform their way of doing business more and more often. We care for the people aspects of that transformation.
People Transformation for us includes all activities that help organizations transform their way of working and collaborating in order to thrive with their customers and in their markets.

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About Me

You are my hero!

How can I help you?

Dagmar always migrated towards roles that included unraveling highly complex situations with many people involved, driving sustainable solutions through the people and not for them. It is the often-quoted role of a catalyst, creating stages for others to perform and excel on. Dagmar can be found on the stages if required, but more often I am working and supporting in the background – because my heroes are the people actually doing the hard work of innovating, bringing new ideas into value creation and delivering to the customers satisfaction.

The Art of Adaptive Organizations emerged from 30 years of professional experience in diverse responsible transformation roles in large global corporations, mostly in innovative arenas including Digitalization, combined with thorough research and a doctorate about the trends, development and working approaches to meet the people challenges of exponential change in the age of Digitalization.

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Inspirational Speaker and Author

A stage to be inspired – Dagmar loves to research new ideas and integrate all into a comprehensive whole, providing a “map” for orientation. She provides insights thru books, videos, blogs and inspiring Key Note presentations.

Executive and Leadership Team Coach

A safe stage to experiment with new work formats while getting stuff done – Dagmar has a track record of supporting Executives and Leadership teams to develop their own route through their business challenges as a consultant and coach, as well as helped their internal people to shape their plans and approaches.

Organizational Development Expert and Trainer

A safe stage to co-create on – Dagmar offers a safe setting for people to reflect and emerge with a new understanding and plan in the form or in person or virtual training, “Pick my brain for professionals” coaching or deep dive reflection formats such as “48 hour CxO Retreat” (in person only).

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Part of our mission is to share experiences, learning and insights on The Art of Adaptive Organizations broadly. This section will give you links to access related resources.

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Sponsoring and pro bono Support

We support pro bono Orientation Dialogues for non-profit organizations (Schmid Stiftung, in Germany), the UN 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and long distance, nature connected endurance sports.

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